Arthur Waser Foundation Lucerne

Since 2011, the Arthur Waser Foundation is a strong partner of the research project SRDU, the Sustainable Rural Dwelling Unit in Ethiopia. Lead by the Chair of Housing at EiABC Addis Ababa Dr. Elias Yitbarek, the Chair of Architecture and Construction at FCL Singapore allied to establish a research stream on applications and improvements of vernacular building technologies in Ethiopia combined with a strong capacity building component from University level (curriculum development) to the TVET sector (manual and technical training) and local organized workshops with untrained laborers.

The Arthur Waser Foundation was established in 1999 as a charitable organization serving the public good. The Foundation supports social projects in Switzerland and Africa as well as art and cultural projects in Central Switzerland. The aim of the foundation is defined as to support upgrowth projects in developing terrirories, preferably Africa; to support social procests in Switzerland, preferably in Central Switzerland; advancement of the arts and music in Switzerland, preferably in Central Switzerland; advancemnet of social welfare projects; projects for the advancement of artistic talented young individuals; and procects for the support of disadvantaged young individuals.

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