Spring Semester 2015 – Ressource Schweiz


Design Studio with integrated discipline (Building Structure)
Architectural Design V-IX


It is the declared aim of the course to teach responsibility in the use of material resources and for the hereof deviated principles of construction. Decisions of design should not only result from aesthetic points of view, but bring up questions regarding availability of materials, skills, talents, responsibility for sustainable resources, functionality and respect for social and cultural settings and the traditional comprehension of handicraft, joining principles and production technologies.

The students carry out their design work taking these local conditions seriously, doing field research in teamwork with local craftsmen and artists and base their design also on their knowledge. It is the aim of the course to develop ways of construction and details integrating available Swiss capabilities and materials and to set them coherently into an architectonic and constructive concept.

A seminar week on the topic is offered to interested students, which is not mandatory, but however highly recommended.

The design process includes material specific, architectonic and constructive investigations, drawings, plans and models. Moreover, 1:1 details will be prepared and exhibited, together with the according craftsmen.

Whereas the architectural typology of a vacation home mainly demands relations to the attractive and spectacular surrounding landscape, the atelier focuses inwards. The “genius loci” cannot be found in the surroundings, but in the architectural form, in functional standards, architectural finishing in materiality and in the atmosphere out of it, in principles of construction and in solutions of details. However, both types of construction – vacation home and atelier – are of moderate dimension. In discussions with craftsmen this dimension is to be defined; knowledge and skills are not only instruments for construction, but should define the design strategy in order to find an unique identity.

The course is offered together with the integrated discipline of “Konstruktion”. Additionally the Professorship Philippe Block offers integrated discipline of “Tragkonstruktion”.


Selected Student Projects:

Berta/ Schirmer


Feider/ L’Hoste


Hofer/ Huwyler


Fritz/ Mermod



Lecture Series:

All Lectures in HIQ C11, ETH Hönggerberg
Everyone welcome.