SIA / SIKA Event 2014: Innovative Technologies for Future Cities

Public lecture by Dirk E. Hebel in Singapoe at the SIA / SIKA workshop on February 27th, 2014 at CREATE Tower Singapore. Can we realise zero-emissions buildings in the tropics? How might robots bring innovation to the construction industry? What advantages does bamboo have over steel as a building material? These are just some of the research questions addressed by the Singapore-ETH Centre Future Cities Laboratory (SEC FCL), which is committed to addressing both the potentials and the challenges facing the contemporary city. Through a trans-disciplinary framework, SEC FCL investigates how cities might be designed, produced, managed, maintained and inhabited in a way that supports global sustainability. This presentation will give a snapshot of some of the innovative technologies being developed in the Future Cities Laboratory, ranging from green buildings to 3D city modelling and simulation.