Preparing Food. Today. Competition Entry for Venice Biennale 2012

Preparing Food. Today.

In 2052 there will be nine billion people living on earth, with the majority in cities. The recipe book Preparing Food. Today., and the ‘happening’ connected with its book-launch was a proposal for the Venice Biennale 2012. It introduces a change in attitude towards available recourses, as a possible solution to fill the prognosticated gap between production and demand. Diversification, here discussing the issues of ingredients and food preparation, will be an essential step towards sustainable, livable future cities.

First: To secure three healthy, nutritious, filling meals per day for all seven billion inhabitants will be the greatest challenge of our Future Cities, and especially their Hinterlands. Already in 2012, we are working feverishly to engineer crops such as rice, maize and wheat to increase yields so as to meet the growing demand. Preparing Food. Today. offers a selection of alternative ingredients to complement our existing menu to ensure food security in 2052.

Second: Our future world will certainly face determining challenges such as energy and water shortages. Since need is the mother of inventions, these issues will shape new technologies, our habits and our mindsets. Although the general way of food preparation has remained more or less the same throughout the past hundreds of years our tools, ingredients and recipes depict their times and crises. Preparing Food. Today. includes a chapter on how to cook in modern times, with less water and no fossil based fuels.

Third: Local cuisines are born out of their specific contexts. Social and cultural habits, as well as accessibility define what is on the menu. On the other hand, following latest trends, exactly these local dishes start to travel around the world. Sushi is as widely available now, as schnitzel or chicken rice. Continuing along this path, not only ingredients, but also menus and tastes will further diversify within the next 40 years. Preparing Food. Today. thus, gives an overview of recipes in the world of 2052, regardless of the region it will be used in.

Credits: Naomi Hanakata, Felix Heisel, Michaela Frances Prescott, Kashif Shaad, Martha Kolokotroni, Marta Wisniewska