FCL Lunch Talk – Felix Heisel: Disappearing Spaces

Felix Heisel will be holding a lecture titled Disappearing Spaces at the FCL Lunch Talk Series on July 12th – 12:00 (noon) at the Future Cities Laboratory.

Addis Ababa, unlike many other African cities, has a history and city fabric to learn from. Even if the physical conditions of the informal settlements are very poor, the social networks, as well as spatial and cultural values developed and embedded in these areas are worth the preservation and study.

Due to the current redevelopments, these parts of the city will change for good within the next years. Hence, now is the right time to document a century old way of living in Addis Ababa. We believe that its informal sector can teach important lessons about the use of architecture and its social role.

This movie is an educational documentary on the use of space in the informal parts of Ethiopia’s capital. Looking at one typical house for the duration of 24 hours, one can notice how a single room can serve for most daily functions. Interviews with the inhabitants and experts give further insight into the topic.

“Disappearing Spaces” is the first of a series of documentaries on spatial developments in Addis Ababa.