Field Research Trip to China

On a recent visit to China, CoReSing visited several factories for bamboo flooring. The so called WSB (Woven Strand Board) is commonly produced from 5-year old Moso bamboo culms, a fast and very tall growing species. After its harvest, the culms are immediately cut into approximately 2m long sections, sliced lengthwise into splits and finally processed into strands. They are then boiled and carbonized. Next, they are submerged into a pool of an adhesive agent and then left out to dry. Placed into molds, the pressing of the strands produces blocks of varying sizes. These can then be cut into boards or pieces as desired. To create WSB flooring boards, the most common application in this process, they will be sanded and coated with up to 7 layers of PV finish.

CoReSing is currently evaluating the possibility to incorporate this process into its research. During the visit, potential collaborations with manufacturers of machinery for bamboo processing as well as INBAR, the international network for bamboo and rattan have been discussed.