ETH Summer / Winter Schools

4 – 22 July 2016
Sand: an (in)finite resource?

The E4D summer school 2016 aims to develop an integrated vision to a global challenge of today’s construction industry. The programme revolves around the depleting resource sand and the question of how to develop alternative building materials for future cities. Invited experts from around the world will share their knowledge and give insights in their field of research. In the workshops the acquired knowledge will be tested and applied. The results will be evaluated under the concept of stocks and flows of energy and material to assess their contribution towards sustainable development.

The E4D summer school will be composed of 30 graduate students, coming from ETH Zurich, from academic institutions of the IDEA League and from other academic institutions around the world, particularly in developing countries. They will be joined by faculty members and external experts from fields of expertise related to the summer school topic. The master and doctoral students will come from different disciplines related to the E4D topic. The summer school will take place at TU Delft, The Netherlands. The aim of the E4D summer school is to foster interdisciplinary exchange on sand as a resource being rapidly depleted. During the first week, students will be introduced to the topic through a series of input speeches, lectures and symposia. The second and third week will focus on workshops along three lines of investigation.

The workshops will provide students with hands-on opportunities to work in an interdisciplinary and intercultural team and to assess alternatives to the chosen topic. Full attendance and submission of a presentation for the final idea competition is required.

The E4D Winter School 2016 is organised in collaboration with ETH Global and the TU Delft.

Further information and detailed program can be found here. Applicants please follow this link.