EiABC Addis Ababa

Since 2005, the Department of Architecture at the ETH in Zürich, Switzerland played a very important role as a strategic partner of the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development in Addis Ababa by introducing new academic structures, pedagogical concepts as well as a capacity building program, which continuously supported the exchange of faculty and students between the two institutions. So far, more than 15 staff members and students from Ethiopia were enrolled in various programs at ETH and more than 100 students of the ETH in Zürich visited EiABC and Ethiopia at large and participated in various seminar weeks, workshops and summer school projects. The Master Program in Urban Design at the Department of Architecture at ETH Zürich focused for 5 years on Ethiopia as a case scenario for urbanization in developing territories. The publication Cities of Change Addis Ababa documents those efforts. The SUDU project as well as the SRDU and SECU projects are commonly funded research activities of both institutions, which achieved international recognition. In May 2011, the ETH Zurich, Switzerland organized a scientific workshop on Sub-Saharan Africa on behalf of the Global Alliance of Technological Universities at the premises of EiABC. The workshop focused on research co-operation and capacity building between GlobalTech members and African partners.

In 2008/09, the strategic concept of the establishment of IoTs in Ethiopia was co-developed with the Berlin based consultant Denkmodell and ETH Zürich and led to the establishment of EiABC as the first Institute of Technology in Ethiopia and the installation of Dirk E. Hebel as the founding Scientific Director coming directly from the ETH Zürich. The cooperation continues in project partnerships and research activities, ranging from Urban Design studios to prototypical construction proposals in full scale, always accompanied with academic and pedagogical training sessions. The EiABC also plays an important role as a strategic partner in the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore. The Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) is a transdisciplinary research centre focused on urban sustainability in a global frame. Ethiopia and its further development is one of the strategic focus areas of the research team in Singapore at the Chair of Architecture and Construction with projects ranging from the establishment of new urban and rural proto-typologies to the development of alternative construction methodologies and material applications.

For more information please visit: www.eiabc.edu.et