CoreSing is guest-editing ‘Construction Ahead’ Magazine: Constructing Alternatives

The Assistant Professorship Dirk E. Hebel is guest-editing the fall edition of Ethiopia’s leading construction magazine: ‘Construction Ahead’. The 80 page issue “Constructing Alternatives” proposes a variety of alternative modern, and sometimes transformed building materials and construction methods. Although tested in and derived from an African context, their application can also answer the rising needs of other developing territories and turn them from import-oriented systems into self-sustaining, knowledge exporting nations. As we are located in Singapore momentarily, an additional outlook “Learning from Singapore…” wants to initiate a debate on the development of a local, African architectural language, considering geographical, climatic, social and cultural characteristics without falling into a copy-paste mentality of the Dubai Fever. “Constructing Alternatives” will be issued in Oct/Nov. 2012.

‘Construction Ahead’ is a specialized bimonthly magazine for engineers, industry academics, architects, construction material manufacturers and suppliers and related service providers. ‘Construction Ahead’ delivers keen insight and analysis of key construction markets, projects, products and trends.