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Asst. Prof. Dirk E. Hebel


Born 1971, Germany
Master of Architecture, ETH Zurich, 1998
Master of Architecture, Princeton University, 2000
Location: Zürich

Professor of Sustainable Construction KIT Karlsruhe 2017-present / Principal Investigator at the Future Cities Laboratory Singapore 2012-present / Assistant Professor of Architecture and Construction ETH Zurich 2012-2017 / Scientific Director of the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development EiABC 2009-2012 / Guest Lecturer Princeton University, USA, 2008 / Guest Professor Syracuse University, USA, 2008 / Visiting Lecturer, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 2005 and 2006

Dirk E. Hebel is full professor of Sustainable Construction at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Prior to that, he was assistant professor of Architecture and Construction at ETH Zürich, Switzerland. He was also the founding scientific director of the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He was as well guest professor at Syracuse University and guest lecturer at Princeton University.

He is the author of numerous book publications, lately Cultivated Building Materials (2017, Birkhäuser, with Felix Heisel), SUDU – The Sustainable Urban Dwelling Unit (2015, Ruby Press, with Melakeselam Moges and Zara Gray), Building from Waste: Recovered Materials in Architecture and Construction (2014, Birkhäuser, with Marta H. Wisniewska and Felix Heisel), and Cities of Change: Addis Ababa (2009, Birkhäuser, with Marc Angélil). In 2008, he published the book Deviations (2008, Birkhäuser, with Marc Angélil), an experiment in architectural design pedagogy and in 2005 Bathroom Unplugged (2005, Birkhäuser, with Jörg Stollmann). Together with Stephen Cairns, he is the founding editor of the Future Cities Laboratory Magazine, published in Singapore.

Dirk Hebel practices architecture by activating unusual building materials such as air (DISCOVERIES, an exhibition for the Foundation Lindau Nobel Prize Winners and  ON_AIR, and installation for KunstWerke Berlin), water (as the project manager for the BLUR Building for EXPO.02 in Switzerland), bamboo (in his research on new bamboo composite materials for the building sector), or waste (as in the New York ETH Pavillion for IDEAS CITIES 2015 and the award-winning project UNITED_BOTTLE). His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions worldwide, lately the Design Fair Cologne (2017), the Seoul Architecture Biennale (2017), or the Venice Architecture Biennale (2016).

Latest buildings include the UMAR (Urban Mining and Recycling) project in Zürich for EMPA Dübendorf (2017 together with Felix Heisel and the Werner Sobek Group), and a school house complex for 1000 students as well as a manufacturing complex for 500 workers in Cambodia for the NGO Smiling Gecko ( 2017 together with Lisa Devenoge, Lorine Grossenbacher, Franziska Matt, Elizabeth Müller, Alina Wyder, and Marcel Aubert). Dirk Hebel was one of the founding partners of INSTANT Architects (2002-2008). He received the New York Van Alen Institute Fellowship Award, the Red Dot Design Award for Best Conceptual Design, the SMART Innovation Grant Singapore, an ZUMTOBEL GROUP Award, and the LANXESS Award Singapore.

Felix Heisel


Born 1984, Germany
Master of Architecture, UdK Berlin, 2010
Location: Zürich
Contact: heisel@arch.ethz.ch

Researcher at the Chair of Architecture and Construction ETH Zurich/FCL Singapore 2012-present / Lecturer and Coordinator of the 3rd Year Architecture Program at the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development 2011-2012 / Academic Assistant at Studio Arets, University of the Arts, Berlin 2010-2011 / Master Class Teaching Assistant at Berlage Institute Rotterdam 2010

Felix Heisel is currently working as a researcher at the Assistant Professorship of Architecture and Construction at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland and the Future Cities Laboratory Singapore. Preceding this position, he was the coordinator for the 3rd year architecture program at the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EiABC) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. For his involvement as a lecturer there, he received the ‘Best Teaching’ award in 2011. Felix recently published Building from Waste: Recovered Materials in Architecture and Construction (2014, Birkhäuser), and contributed articles to magazines and books such as S.L.U.M.Lab: Made in Africa (2014, UTT), The Economy of Sustainable Construction (2013, Ruby Press) or Building Ethiopia: Sustainability and Innovation in Architecture and Design (2012, EiABC). His interest in Ethiopia’s urban growth resulted in the making of the movie series _Spaces, a collection of six documentaries on space appropriation in Addis Ababa, started together with Bisrat Kifle in 2011.

Felix Heisel has won several awards and grants within the last years, such as a Ministry of Education (MOE) Innovation Grant (2014), an ZUMTOBEL GROUP Award (2014),  a Swiss KTI project fund (2014), the SMART Innovation Grant Singapore (2013) or the Bauhaus.SOLAR Award (2012). He also contributed to several architectural competition entries, such as the 1st prize Sulzer Werk 1 Winterthur, Switzerland (2009) with Gigon/Guyer Architects; the 1st prize Bole Road Hotel Competition Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2009) with Zegeye Cherenet Architects & Associates and the 3rd prize Städel Museum Frankfurt, Germany (2008) with Gigon/Guyer Architects. Currently, Felix Heisel is practicing architecture in Switzerland and Ethiopia together with Marta H. Wisniewska.

Philipp Müller

Born 1982, Germany
M.Sc. Civil Engineering, TU Berlin, 2014
Location: Singapore

Researcher at the Chair of Architecture and Construction ETH Zurich/FCL Singapore since 2016 / Structural Engineer at the Engineering and Architecture company Ziegert|Roswag|Seiler Architekten und Ingenieure – ZRS-Berlin 2013 – 2016

Philipp Müller is currently working as a researcher in the Chair of Architecture and Construction at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore. Prior to his studies he made an apprenticeship as a carpenter and worked four years as a carpenter for Hornberger Holzbau GmbH. Philipp Müller received his Bachelor Degree from Technische Universität Berlin TUB. Following his graduation, he worked as a consultant engineer in Madrid, Spain and Dakar, Senegal. In 2011 he started the Master of Science in Civil Engineering at Technische Universität Berlin. During his studies he did the structural design and construction management of earth block buildings for the Mexico Design Build Studio in Oaxaca, Mexico. Having received a TUB scholarship, Philipp Müller pursued his studies at École Polytechnique Montréal in Montréal, Canada. In 2014 he completed his Master studies at TUB with his Master thesis at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing BAM in Berlin, Germany. The thesis focused on reliability analysis of load-bearing earth block masonry. Since 2012 he worked as a free-lancer for Ziegert|Roswag|Seiler Architekten und Ingenieure – ZRS-Berlin, since 2014 as full time employee. During this period he was mainly working on structural design of concrete and timber constructions both nationally and internationally. In 2015 he was a member of a ZRS team assessing earthquake damages for the German Development Cooperation GDC in Kathmandu, Nepal after the Magnitude 7.8 earthquake on April 24th.

Philipp Müller was awarded with the Dr.-Ing Ernst Trapp Preis, honouring outstanding Master theses and study performances. He focuses on applications and structural reliability of alternative construction materials. His research deals with mechanical and physical properties of bamboo composite and mycelium composite materials. Within his research he is setting up test procedures and production regulations.

Alireza Javadian

Born 1985, Iran
Master of Civil Engineering, NTU Singapore, 2010
Master of  Civil Engineering, NUS Singapore, 2011
Master of Business Administration, ARU Oxford, UK, 2012
Location: Singapore

PhD student in the Chair of Architecture and Construction ETH Zurich/FCL Singapore 2012-present / Civil Engineer at ‘Beca Carter Hollings and Ferner’ Singapore, 2010-2012 / Researcher at NUS Singapore 2009-2010 / A*STAR Singapore scholarship recipient at NTU Singapore, 2007-2009

Alireza Javadian is currently working as a PhD student and senior researcher at the Chair of Architecture and Construction at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore, a collaboration of the ETH Zurich and the National Research Foundation Singapore. He received his Bachelor Degree from University of Tehran, Iran. Following his graduation, he worked for the Iranian Cement and Material Institute in Theran. In 2007 he was the recipient of a Singapore A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) scholarship to pursue his Master in Engineering at Nanyang Technological University NTU and conduct research on ‘Effective High Temperature and Structural Reinforced Concrete Applications’. After completing his Master studies at NTU, he joined the National University of Singapore NUS as a research assistant and started to conduct studies in the Master Program of Science in Civil Engineering. Following the successful completion, he joined ‘Beca Carter Hollings and Ferner Engineers’. Prior to his work at ETH/FCL Future Cities Laboratory, he has received a Master of Business Administration from ARU Oxford, UK in marketing. He is a member of ACI (the American Concrete Institute) and ICI (the Iranian Concrete Institute). His PhD research focuses on alternative composite fiber materials as reinforcement systems in concrete applications. Lately, he won the SMART Innovation Grant Singapore, the SAWIRIS SCHOLORSHIP Grant of ETH Zürich, a Swiss KTI project fund, and an ZUMTOBEL GROUP Award together with the bamboo research team in Singapore and Zürich.