ETH Zurich Seminar Weeks Prof. Dirk E. Hebel

16HS_Seminarwoche Venedig_Poster
Fall Semester 2016
Reporting from the Front: Venedig _ Geschichte und Zukunft

Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October 2016
Cost Category: C

We travel to Venice to get a selected view on the Venice Biennale and to visit one of the most impressive and unique urban structures in the world.




Spring Semester 2016
Zukunft des Bauens – eine Rundreise

Monday 14th March to Friday 18th March 2016
Cost Category: B

We travel to Switzerland and southern Germany, in search of groundbreaking approaches in the production of buildings. It is the goal to understand technical frameworks and to experience the built reality and today’s opportunities in terms of prefabrication and energy issues.




Fall Semester 2015
Exploring Cambodia: from Angkor to Pnomh Penh

Saturday 17th October to Sunday 25th October 2015
Cost Category: E

We are visiting Cambodia from the vernacular architecture of the Khmer to the booming capital Phnom Penh. The main goal is to experience the triad of social structures, climatic conditions and local building materials, as well as their influence on the built environment.




Spring Semester 2015
Tour de Suisse

Monday 16th March to Friday 20th March 2015
Cost Category: B

We travel through Switzerland and visit buildings, which have an architectural concept developed based on the local. The goal is increase the knowledge and experience of Switzerland’s materials and the locations, skills and people connected to these materials.




Fall Semester 2014
Addis Ababa / LaLibela

Saturday 18th October to Sunday 26th October 2014
Cost Category: E

This week in Ethiopia will concentrate on the development of new, resilient and alternative housing strategies for one of the fastest growing cities in the Global South. Next to visits in different housing typologies and neighborhoods, the group will also investigate and experience how locally available materials need to change our design strategies. In the second half of the week, trips either to the rural area south of Addis Ababa or LaLibela will be organized.