Fall Semester 2014 Seminar Week – Addis Ababa/Lalibela

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“I weary of writing more about these buildings, because it seems to me that I shall not be believed if I write more … I swear by God, in Whose power I am, that all I have written is the truth.”
Francisco Alvarez`s description of his first sight of Lalibela, in: The Prester John of the Indies translated by C.F. Beckingham and G.W.B. Huntingford (Cambridge: Hakluyt Society 1961), p. 226.

In the fall semester 2014, the Chair of Architecture and Construction offers a seminar week trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The week will concentrate on the development of new, resilient and alternative housing strategies for one of the fastest growing cities in the Global South. Here, a link is given to the design studio which investigates new typologies for 5000 new housing units to be built in 2015, a comission given by the city administration. Next to visits in different existing housing typologies and neighborhoods, the group will also investigate and experience how local available materials need to change our design strategies. In the second half of the week, trips either to the rural area south of Addis Ababa or Lalibela will be organized (fo the Lalibela trip, extra costs will apply).

Dates: Saturday, October 18, till Sunday, October 26

Cost Category: E

For students: Please use the ETH Einschreibung to register and for more details.